SCORE: Artists in Overtime

curated by Hope Cohn

Exhibition Dates: February 1 - March 29, 2014

March 22 / 11am - 2pm ArtMERGE Workshop - Audacity of Hoops: Playing for Change

SCORE: Artists in Overtime is an exhibition that celebrates our wonder, passion, and fascination with sports and art. Fresh and original, SCORE explores the art of the game and the game of art.  SCORE opens on January 31, coinciding with the Winter Olympics. The exhibition features local and national contemporary artists who take inspiration from sports as their subject, both literally and poetically. Consisting of painting, sculpture, photography, and multi-media installations. SCORE strives to create a deeper appreciation of the arts among sports fans and expand the audiences of Atlanta's arts institutions. Programs will engage, enliven and educate the community. 

Image courtesy of Meg Aubrey


Meg Aubrey + Lucinda Bunnen + Marcia R. Cohen + Craig Drennen + Margaret Fletcher + Chris Hamilton + Scott Ingram + Michi Meko + Michael David Murphy + Vesna Pavlović + Joe Peragine + Michael Peterson + Michael Reese + Kathryn Refi + Ashley L. Schick + Howard Schatz + Jerry Siegel + Gregor Turk + Martha Whittington + Designers Luc Fusaro & Chris Wawrousek

In addition to a line-up of artists, many of who have made new work for the exhibition, SCORE also features the design projects and objects: Shoes by award-winning New Balance designer Chris Wawrousek, a 3-D printed shoe designed by Luc Fusaro winner of the design competition for the 2012 London Olympics, and special athletic prosthetics designed by ÖSSUR a global company headquartered in Iceland. On view during the exhibition will be a video featuring a prosthetic designed by ÖSSUR, worn by Sarah Reinertsen, American triathlete and former Paralympic track athlete.

Image courtesy of Jerry Siegel


A special thank you to SCORE Corporate Sponsors:

The Coca-Cola Company

New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.



Power2Give and The City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs 

School of History, Technology and Society at Georgia Institute of Technology

Thank you to individual donors:

Johanna Asher + Meg Aubrey + Betsy and David Baker + Hillary Baker + John Beadles + Nadine Becker and Daniel Shapiro + Susan Beallor Synder and Stuart Snyder + Colin and Lynne Benjamin + Rebecca Cochran + Halli Cohn + Merilee and Matthew Cole + Louis Corrigan + Jeffrey Ellman + Alisa and Allan Farber + Adina and Sean Goodman + Sophie Hobbs + Robert Kinsey + Erica Lewis + Stanley D. Lindsey Structural Engineers + Don and Allen Mendenhall + Jennifer and Adam Meyerowitz + Pam and Raoul Nowitz + Paula Pelosi + Susan and Andrew Reisner + Rachel Rosner + Lisa Rovinsky + Jack Schneider + John Schneider and Hope Cohn + Cedric Suzman + Harley Swedler + Lisa Tuttle + Uzun & Case Structural Engineers + Fred Wachter + Juli-Anne and Jeremy Wohlberg